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We capture and produce stunning content for Havana Coffee Works, one of NZ's leading Coffee Roasters and Producers since 1989. For two years we have developed strategised content, produced large scale advertisements, social media content, e-commerce digital assets, in-house assets, and so much more. We travel up and down the country capturing NZ's best Coffee, and we love it. 

Premium and Market Leading Video Production is a big part of our Time with Havana. Capturing and Producing the highest of quality video assets to be utilised across all forms of media. From informative, community strengthening, and engaging social media assets, to premium AD's, and in house assets, we do it all.

High quality, scroll stopping photography, it's the cherry on top. We capture and produce creatively premium images for Havana. From social media scroll stoppers and high quality billboards, to web and e-commerce assets, we've got a stunning still for everything.

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