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1. Initial Meeting

The initial meeting with your Creative Manager or Creator provides a great opportunity for us to learn about your business or brand and what you're after, before getting stuck into planning.  It is also where your Creative Manager or Creator can make suggestions to further your brand.


2. Ideation + Planning

The Ideation and Planning phase is where we work our magic. We'll take your ideas and create structured campaigns to LAUNCH your brand. Content Creation is planned, Strategic Campaign Calendars Created, Timelines Set, ready to make your vision come to life!


3. Content Creation

We're Ready for LAUNCH. It's time to create that jaw-dropping,

scroll-stopping content. Our

team of Qualified Photographers, Videographers, and Graphic &

Web Designers will go to work on creating unique, strategic, ROI driven, eye-grabbing content.


4. Post production

The Post Production phase is where our highly skilled video editors, photo editors, designers, and social media specialists go to work. With attention to detail, extensive computer software knowledge, and communication skills, not long until your content is ready for market! 


5. presentation + Feedback

Time to sign it off! This is where final changes are made and feedback is given. Now you're ready to drive sales, gain exposure, and build your following. Now you're ready to take your creations and LAUNCH your brand or business into the world of possibility.

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